How can you stage a Covid-secure musical if group singing is not allowed? How will you cover your costs if you can't sell tickets and how will your actors deal with the lack of atmosphere in a venue that's virtually empty?

Nobody has faced these challenges before and there's no manual to help you out. Some publishers have pulled up the drawbridge until brighter times arrive. Others are focusing on plays with just a handful of characters to cast.

You and your cast members deserve better and we are here to help you stage a musical - one that obeys the Covid rules whilst keeping everyone safe.

There is Hope

For more than a decade, ITM Shows has offered you the flexibility to edit down the script or omit songs to better suit your own situation.

  • Our digital delivery of script, scores and backing tracks is tailor-made for remote learning and Zoom read-throughs
  • Maybe chorus and ensemble numbers are out for the time being but you can still include plenty of solos and duets
  • Your actors can sing to our backing tracks or even mime to our cast albums, if singing is not permitted
  • If your performance dates have to shift, because of local restrictions, that's fine. Simply get in touch and we can amend your contract straightaway
  • Virtual online performances or live-streamed shows are also permitted for all our licensees

There are many ways that we can help so please email us now and we can discuss how you can best stage your show.

Have another look at our shows and start planning your own unique musical adaptation.

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Need more advice?

At IT&M help and advice is always on hand. If you would like to discuss a production of any of IT&M's shows, please email or call us on +44 (0)203 488 6292 or make a no commitment licence enquiry now.

"I found IT&M one of, if not the best, company we have worked with… the complete package of materials was great. Rarely have I been given such outstanding service and attention"
K.R. Canyon View Junior High School, Utah