Peter Pan - The Characters

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Peter Pan, like its namesake, is a tale which never ages. Children and adults alike have all fallen under the spell of Neverland, a place where children can fly and exciting, frightening adventures happen every single day.

All of the ever-popular characters are here - Peter Pan and Wendy, her brothers John and Michael , their parents Mr Darling and Mrs Darling, Liza the servant, the dastardly Captain Hook and his sidekick Smee, Tiger Lily, the Lost Boys, Pirates, Neverland Natives, Nana the pet dog and, of course, that scary crocodile.

Now also available in a shorter abridged Authorised School Edition.

Suggested doubling in the cast

  • Mr Darling/Captain Hook (this is traditional)
  • Nana/Crocodile (unless a mechanical crocodile is used)
  • Liza/Tiger Lily
  • Cecco/Neverland Native Chief
  • Bill Jukes/Running Dog
  • Cookson/Stalking Deer
  • Starkey/Cunning Fox
  • Skylights/Bald Eagle
  • Noodler/Grizzley Bear
  • Mullins/Singing Bull
Peter Pan

Peter Pan

  • Androgynous youth, pre-adolescent but with an ageless quality.
  • Strong, good looking features. Can be played by a small male or female, slim.
  • Pref. max height 5’5” (1.63metres).
  • Vocally strong belt voice, (female – mezzo soprano / male – high tenor)
  • Athletic, strong, nimble dancer, stage fighting skills required and not afraid of flying.
  • Possible aerial acrobatics using harness and  wires.
Captain Hook

Captain Hook

  • Doubles as Mr Darling. Playing age late 40s / early 50s.
  • Tall: 6ft plus (at least 1.80metres), thin, gaunt, dark features.
  • Good comedic skills as well as able to portray a dangerous disposition.
  • Stage fighting skills required. Vocally - excellent bass baritone.
  • Needs to be fit and move well.


  • Playing age 13/14, on the verge of adolescence, would suit young actress who can successfully play down
  • Long blonde hair, blue eyes, positive attractive features, graceful.
  • Of similar height to Peter.
  • The perfect English Rose. Dance skills.
  • Vocally – strong soprano.
  • Also ‘flies’ but is not required to perform any aerial acrobatics.
John Darling

John Darling

  • Playing age 12, would suit 15/16 year-old, small actor who can play down.
  • Strong singer.
  • A good looking boy.
  • Bespectacled.
  • Also flies.
Michael Darling

Michael Darling

  • Child actor. Playing age 7/8.
  • Sweet, bubbly, a likeable boy, full of fun.
  • Must be able to sing well.
  • Also flies.
Mrs Darling

Mrs Darling

  • Playing age late 30s.
  • Tallish; pref 5’8” plus (1.7 meters).
  • Excellent figure, beautiful, graceful, warm, motherly.
  • Exactly as we would presume Wendy’s mother to be.
  • Vocally - soprano.

Liza – the Darlings’ servant / Tiger Lily

  • Small; max 5’4” (1.60 metres), athletic.
  • Very good dancer.
  • Vocally - good belt mezzo soprano.


  • Smallish pirate who is also prepared to play in the theatre dog’s skin in Acts 1 & 3.
  • Strong, athletic, good singer.
  • Vocally - Tenor/Baritone.
  • Can also play one of the natives in the neverland native ensemble.
The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys:

  • The Lost Boys can be played by older children (teenage actors, or small figured actresses).
  • They should be dressed in animal skins and should look like an unkempt, dirty group with mud-stained faces;
  • all with fine singing voices and abilities to dance.
  • They should also be disciplined young actors with a strong "ensemble" feel.


  • The leader in Peter’s absence, so probably taller than the rest and may even be slightly taller than Peter himself.
  • Rather simple but he has a good heart.


  • Extremely jovial, everything is a laugh and he has a great time.


  • Conceited, knows very little but considers himself knowledgeable about most things.


  • Curly haired (hence name). Rather timid but loyal.

The Twins

  • The classical twins; we should not be able to tell them apart.

Pirates who double as Neverland Natives:

Cecco/Native Chief

  • Tall, manly, splendid physique. Vocally - Rich bass baritone voice. Good dancer.

Bill Jukes/Running Dog

  • Medium height, tough guy, tattooed, don’t meet him in a dark alley. Singer, good dancer.

Skylights/Bald Eagle

  • Good singer/good dancer, good physique.

Noodler/Stalking Deer

  • Good singer/good dancer, good physique.

Mullins/Grizzly Bear

  • Good singer/good dancer, good physique.

ASM/Singing Bull

  • An extra native to swell the Neverland Native ensemble, who can be played by an Assistant Stage Manager.

Pirates who do not double as Neverland Natives:



  • An oddly genial oldish pirate, slightly cartoonesque
  • grey haired and a little pair of spectacles at the end of his nose.
  • A caricature, good comedic skills.
  • Smallish, perhaps rather tubby.


  • A restoration fop, quite eccentric and not overly ‘masculine’.
  • Something of a coward, who doesn’t enjoy fighting or getting his hands dirty.
  • Tall, skinny, little muscle.
  • Good singer and mover.

And... The Crocodile

  • This should be a wonderful theatrical skin, in no way comedic.
  • The Croc should look dangerous and evil.
  • Usually played by a spare Assistant Stage Manager during its brief appearances.