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IT&M - What People Say

"We had a terrific time producing Peter Pan. Our audiences LOVED it and we sold out!"
Toni Butler, Earl Light Academy, Utah, USA

"I have never, NEVER had a company I have enjoyed working with more than IT&M We are your biggest fans this side of the Atlantic!"
JA, Titus Productions, Utah, USA

"The backing tracks supplied by IT&M were of the highest quality and gave a rich, full sound, even when amplified to fill a 420-seat venue."
Phil Dale, Phoenix Theatre School, Essex, UK

"You have been most gracious at IT&M and your prices are compatible for young and growing companies"
Louise Connon, Lakeshore Academy of Fine Arts, Ontario, Canada

"I found IT&M one of, if not the best, company we have worked with… the complete package of materials was great. Rarely have I been given such outstanding service and attention"
Kate O’Reilly

"We will definitely use you again for other productions for our kids"
Lee LaChette

"I want to thank IT&M for such personal and excellent attention"
Deb DeHart, St Edmonds Academy

"I have nothing but good to say about IT&M"
Linda LaPlante, Glenmoor Musical Theatre

"I can highly recommend IT&M as a company, they are always very prompt to reply and extremely friendly and willing to help out however they can"
Diane Krosby, Australia

"I appreciate the integrity of your organization more than you can possibly know"
DM, Boardman High School, Ohio, USA

"This is the first time I have used a show licensed by IT&M, and I honestly can’t thank the staff at IT&M enough for their help and support. Even though IT&M are on the other side of the world to us (we are in Australia), any queries I’ve had have been answered promptly and nothing has been too much trouble. All the staff I have dealt with have been equally helpful and I would thoroughly recommend IT&M to other groups considering doing their shows."
Diane Krosby, Australia

"We were nervous about contracting with a company overseas, but you made it painless and worry-free"
Beth Wood, Holy Rosary Academy, Nashhville, TN, USA

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for your company and all that you have provided for me."
Jennifer Moehn, Monroe High School, Wisconsin USA

"We thoroughly enjoyed the cooperation with IT&M and we would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies."
Nicole Spee, Rijnstad Vocaaltheater, Holland

"I really appreciate the way you run your business – very professional as well as responsive and helpful. I will definitely be looking into producing one of your other shows in the future."
Becky Pollyea, Loveland Classical Schools, Colorado, USA

"The manner in which you deliver the materials is excellent. I wish more companies would follow your example."
Bert Jurend

"Richard, Piers and the team are HUMAN – flexible, kind and encouraging - a 100% excellent service."
Jade Powers, Sussex Dance Studios, UK

"I couldn't have asked for better service from IT&M. It was fast and very informative. We would like to thank you so much for such a amazing show. The music was exceptional!"
Hannah Cumming, Centre Stage Youth Theatre

"Thank you again - it’s always a pleasure to deal with IT&M."
Åge Vallestad, Kulturskule, Stord, Norway

"It is a pleasure to deal with a company that is actually interested in what is going on with the people who perform your shows and to know that we can talk to the people who created them."
Freda Brennan, Rainbow Youth Theatre

"I would like to thank you most sincerely for all your help you gave to me with any queries I had, you always responded quickly and sympathetically. I always felt nothing was too much trouble."
IMI, Mid Argyll Musical Soc, UK

"I greatly appreciate all the assistance you have given me. This is the first time I have dealt with IT&M Shows and I have been very impressed."
Chris McRae, New Zealand

"Our first sell-out in five years. Digital delivery of the materials was brilliant! Really helpful and got rehearsals moving straightaway. Thank you for sending us bits in advance during auditions – on occasion at about 30 mins notice. Exceptional service."
AB, Balcarras School, Cheltenham, UK

"We love the ease of working with IT&M Shows - the complete packages, the great soundtracks, the fun music, the flexible pricing, the electronic delivery of materials, the professional show logos, the fabulous website that allows full songs to be played, the quick service and response times - much easier than dealing with New York and we are in the same country!"
Shonna Talley Nitzel, Twinsburg Community Theatre, USA

"Loved the digital delivery and the customer service was amazing. You are way ahead of MTI and others here in the States. Most of our companies’ customer service treat small venues like ourselves with curtness and rudeness. It was a great experience and I cannot wait to do another of your shows!"
Chris Siegle, New Braunfels, Texas, USA

"I very much like your method of providing the materials by download ... that is a feature that sets ITM above the others."
Rosalie Grant, Sol Children Theatre, Florida, USA

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Peter Pan the Musical Reviews

"Peter Pan [at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse] is likely to be one of those shows that people talk about for years to come...watching young children wave their rainbow flashlights and fairy wings to give Tinkerbell the strength to overcome the poison she drank to save Pan, embodied the magic of theater"

"Our production was a great success – we played to full houses every night"
JW, Sedbergh School, Cumbria, UK

"The backing tracks supplied by IT&M were of the highest quality and gave a rich, full sound, even when amplified to fill a 420-seat venue."
Phil Dale, Phoenix Theatre School, Essex, UK

"The piano score is great. Chord symbols are a huge help – they make it very easy for the rehearsal pianist"
Jason Hubble, BLOC Music Theatre, Australia

"Peter Pan is fantastic and I really enjoyed performing it – the best few months of my life"
Cast member – Holt School, Wokingham, UK

"Peter Pan the Musical stands alongside Oliver and Joseph as one of the best productions around for schools"
JW, Sedbergh School, Cumbria, UK

"This was the best quality backing track I have ever used or heard"
JA, Titus Productions, Utah, USA

"I thought the musical numbers were lovely especially 'Don't Say Goodbye'- The children wanted to sing this finale every rehearsal & it always had them in tears. We had many in tears in the audience!"
Jan Walsh, New Youth Theatre, Doncaster, UK

"Piers Chater Robinson’s version of Peter Pan is the best we have done. I won't even consider the "American" version in the future. This production is just much more interesting. Thanks for all your help. We won't hesitate to do another play of yours in the future."
Paul T. Christianson, Auditorium Manager/ Drama Director, Mankato Area Public Schools, USA

"Our production of Peter Pan went phenomenally well, flying and all.  Record number of seats sold and truly a beautiful production from the storyline to the amazing songs.  Thank you for making the licensing process so easy."
Greg Sherman, Broadway Starz, USA

"Our audiences LOVED Peter Pan the Musical. We got standing ovations every night. The music was a huge hit."
WH, Xtreme Theatre, Mission, Canada

"I prefer your version of Peter Pan which follows the original most closely."
Micah Lewis, Montessori de Terra Linda, San Rafael, California, USA

"Peter Pan was a huge success. We had staged a few smaller scale musicals in the past but this was our first full-length production. And it was the best production so far! Thank you. Your work was the best."
St John’s Episcopal School, Dallas, TX, USA

"What a wonderful Peter Pan vocal score with a fantastic mix of genres"
Abigail Moult, Mtunzini Primary School, South Africa

"The script is amazing and really won the hearts of all who read it"
Wayne Fada, Sunderland, UK

Peter Pan Press Reviews

"A sparkling contemporary score . . . a magical production"

"…its flow of bouncy melodies and jaunty marches never obstructs the narrative"

"Pantastic...this colourful production is enchanting"

" . . .a revelation, a truly stunning show . . . Chater Robinson has created a wonderful fantasy in this musical . . . the whole show is infectious and you cannot help but laugh and clap. It's a gem."

"It really is the definitive Peter Pan . . . you will never want to see another version . . . this is a sparkling new up-tempo adaptation"

"This is no ordinary Peter Pan - it is a wonderful Production of an old favourite featuring toe-tapping songs, spectacular flying scenes and terrific sets"

"It's bright, it’s breezy and it's perfect fun for all the family . . . tickets are selling like hot cakes"

"The musical - a rip-roaring feast of fun . . . Piers Chater Robinson gives a new zest of life to the classic tale"

"packed with a dozen original songs, this is a musical first and foremost and with no panto-style padding"

Peter Pan Danish Press Reviews

1998-99 & 2003-04
Two Christmas box office records!

"The show holds the children from the very start to the end"

"Peter Pan has sold so many tickets the theatre has prolonged the show"

"Take a trip to Aarhus theatre, for the most fantastic Peter Pan awaits you"

"This is true theatre - we all believed in fairies"

"Oh to become a child again, that’s the way we feel. Age is unimportant"

"Borrow a child if you have to, in case you need an excuse to see this amazing musical; it is definitely not just for children."

"This Peter Pan is wonderful. The entire machinery of the theatre unfolds in an impressive array of colours, music and lots of energy"

Peter Pan Dutch Press Reviews

Eight-month tour 2001-02

"…the makers of this exciting Peter Pan succeeded to let both the young and the old roar and scream with delight"

"The audience was thrilled. The children were completely spellbound"

"A superb Peter Pan. An exemplary and spectacular display of craftsmanship"

"This is a show that takes children on a lovely adventure tour to another world."

"Up-tempo music and imaginative settings make Peter Pan the Musical compelling to all ages."

"Piers Chater Robinson’s creative musical adaptation appeals to the imagination of children and adults alike."

"Theatre magic at its best"

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A Christmas Carol Reviews

"A Christmas Carol was our biggest grossing show ever. We had an absolute ball performing it, and I can honestly say that it is the perfect musical for an amateur group catering for men, women, well as giving parts to the less musically accomplished."
KB, Barton Players, Beds, UK

"This was the best Christmas show that we have ever performed. It was such fun to do – the script was excellent - the whole thing worked extremely well. Two of our performances sold out on the first day.”"
Madeline Howell-Jones, Welford Amateur Dramatic Soc, UK

"I can honestly say that in 15 years of teaching I have never enjoyed working on a musical as much as your Christmas Carol. It was truly magical"
Marie Hood, Newent Community College, Glos, UK

"We had a wonderful time staging Christmas Carol - playing to full houses every night"
Dennis Swanson, Eagan High School, Minnesota, USA

"We loved staging ‘A Christmas Carol’. It was a fantastic experience for teachers, parents and students. The response to the show from performers and audiences was very positive. A truly magical Christmas show."
DA, Selwyn College, New Zealand

"You have been the best company that licences out A Christmas Carol, I will definitely be recommending you to other groups I know."
Aaron McManus, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Liverpool, UK

"Our first sell-out in five years. Digital delivery of the materials was brilliant! Really helpful and got rehearsals moving straightaway. Thank you for sending us bits in advance during auditions – on occasion at about 30 mins notice. Exceptional service."
AB, Balcarras School, Cheltenham, UK

"This is the best version of A Christmas Carol that we have seen or heard"
Jan Willem van Bodegom, Netherlands

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Through the Looking Glass Reviews

"We had capacity audiences for every performance, and the kids had a blast. "
TONY ANTISTA, St Michael’s School, Tucson, AZ, USA

"Through the Looking Glass has incredible music that catches you ear and stays with you. This show was an incredible experience for our students and the adults who direct them! "
Rich Appel, Chilton Middle School

"We absolutely LOVED performing 'Alice', it is our most favourite show to date. The cast loved all of the songs. We had a really big cast, we added extra 'chess pieces' for most scenes and had a lot of guards for the red palace. I just wish you had more titles and then I wouldn't need to go elsewhere."
JODIE STOTT, All Saints Catholic High School, Liverpool, UK

"I just wanted to share how excited our entire cast and crew are to be performing THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS! As we are entering tech today, I wanted to personally express my appreciation to you and the creators of THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS for such a beautifully written and scored musical. My husband and I have produced 50+ shows over the last 10 years, and I am absolutely in love with this show."
Becky Saunders, Circle Theatre Company, Florida, USA

"Through the Looking Glass really is a lovely, content rich, well-packaged and produced show."
Peyton Martin, Northern Youth Theatre Company, Yorks, UK

"The company is very enthusiastic about Through the Looking Glass and they're really looking forward to performing it. Many have already tuned in to you website to listen to the songs, so we're expecting a lot of competition for roles."
Brian Boardman, Tread the Boards Youth Music Theatre, Arbroath, Scotland

"Through the Looking Glass truly is a magnificent show."
DR, Co Galway, Ireland

"Looking Glass helped us to secure a grant for a town-wide musical theatre project for our school and the local primary schools. The local councillors, head teachers and the community were blown away by the performances. I love the offering IT&M gives; in particular I think the recorded CD and the professional backing tracks are a fantastic resource."
JODIE STOTT, All Saints Catholic High School, Liverpool, UK

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Around the World in 80 Days Reviews

"The Empress Theatre is honoured and grateful to put on this fabulous show! The cast is having so much fun!"

"I’m loving being a part of this show and the more we rehearse the funnier things get!"
CAST MEMBERS from Oquirrh Hills Arts Alliance, South Jordan, Utah, USA.

"Around the World in 80 Days was a huge success with our audiences, they loved the story and the music and were laughing from beginning to end."
JA, Oquirrh Hills Arts Alliance, South Jordan, Utah, USA

"People said it was our best show yet. Around the world in 80 Days was the most rewarding musical we have done over the last 10 years!"
Kevin Ross, Selwood Academy, Frome, Somerset, UK

"80 Days is a very entertaining show with great music. I would enthusiastically recommend this show to other schools and organizations."
Michael Crockett, York High School, Maine, USA

"From the start until the final curtain, it was a lot hard work, but with a great result: a spectacular, incredibly beautiful show!"
Rijnstad Vocaaltheater, Holland

"Piers Chater Robinson once again succeeded in writing music that illustrates the story magnificently."
Caspar van der Vinne, Holland

"Thank you for all the beautiful music. So many themes I loved!"
Marieke Reuvers [Princess Aouda] Holland

"Around the World in 80 Days is one heck of a rollercoaster! Thank you, Chris and Piers, for this lovely and frantic show."
Peter Jacobs  [Phileas Fogg] Holland

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The Adventures of Mr Toad

"Bright and overblow as a Disney cartoon... a wonderland for children."

"There really can be no higher praise... a score which is direct, witty and tuneful with words to match... cleverly conceived... the whole thing is a total delight from start to finish."

"A truly great show – I recommend it to any youth group or school."
Alison Roberts, Farnham Junior Operatic Soc., UK

"Piers Chater Robinson's book perfectly captures the atmosphere of the well-known tale, and his catchy score serves the story well....this delightful production....a brilliant show."

"It is a show which speaks class... a genuinely first-rate copper bottomed hit."

"Toad is a treasure... the show is a triumph - and glorious fun."

"The Kenneth Grahame classic has been adapted by Piers Chater Robinson into a lively song and dance musical... the children yelled in appreciation."

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