Bring life to your performance
and bring your performance to life...

Piers Chater Robinson can now provide you with advice and support - tailored specifically to your next play or musical.

In person, at a workshop/seminar - or on Skype, anywhere in the world.

Ideal for:

  • Schools
  • Youth Theatre Groups
  • Amateur Musical Societies
  • Semi-professional Companies

Choose from:

  • WORKSHOP by Piers with your principal actors (all ages) and MD/accompanist if applicable (from 2-hrs to all day, with breaks).

  • SKYPE CALL between you and Piers – invaluable if you are far from London, or overseas.

  • TALK (90 mins) by Piers to your company (suitable for 18+) plus Q&A.

Or call: +44 (0)20 488 6292

Your cast members already know about the "technicals" - the vital physical aspects of their performances. Don't they?

You have drummed these practices into every actor in rehearsals.

Piers will reinforce the importance of:

  • Diction
  • Projection & Breathing
  • Motivation
  • Movement
  • Focus Awareness
  • Telling the Story (Plot)
  • Fitness and Diet

The "technicals" are crucial BUT these disciplines alone will not be sufficient to ensure your cast engage and hold their audiences.

In addition your cast must understand and know:

  • How to prepare for their roles using their own feelings and emotions
  • When they are conscious v. unconscious (staying in the “now” and what that means)

For when they learn this about themselves and those around them - see what happens to their performances on stage!


Piers will discuss with your actors:

  • Where their own feelings and emotional reactions come from, and why that is important
  • How to challenge the "rules" they have been given as young persons (about practically everything), which have stayed with them almost as permanent "recordings" - to establish which of these "rules" are still useful and applicable in their adult lives
  • How comprehension of the source of their own emotions clarifies and ensures successful interactions with other people

Then, watch as your cast members...

BRING THEIR PERFORMANCE TO LIFE in your productions - whether musicals or straight plays.

AND YES - this is applicable and vital - even to ENSEMBLE members!

Or call: +44 (0)20 488 6292

About Piers Chater Robinson

Piers Chater Robinson Theatre Workshops and Seminars

Not only is Piers a composer and lyricist of hit musicals, he was an actor, a stage director and a former artistes’ agent, with more than 30 years’ experience.

And since he also used to be a classroom, instrumental and drama teacher, Piers knows some of the specific problems that you face in motivating your group and in staging a successful musical.

Tap into Piers’ skills in stagecraft, acting and singing to revitalise your company’s approach to your next show.

Gain lots of secret tips and tricks of the trade - so often the preserve of the professionals.